Johnson & Johnson


  • $3.9M Total Value
  • 223 Acres of Land
  • 3 Buildings - Manufacturing, Warehouse & Offices
  • 594,000 Square Feet


In 2004, Johnson & Johnson sought to liquidate an aging gauze bandage production facility near Dallas, Texas. However, they had difficulty finding a buyer for their equipment and real estate. On one hand, the highly specialized equipment was old—some of it dating back to the 1970s and earlier. In addition, the sterilization process required to create the finished product involved radioactive exposure, and the real estate housed a nuclear vault in the production building.


Undaunted, Rabin stepped in and purchased the entire site. Through extensive marketing efforts and our personal outreach to business owners in and around Dallas, we were able to find a local buyer for the factory. The new owner rolled out production in the newer facility and expanded into the remaining buildings over time. Rabin held an auction to liquidate the assets the owner did not want or need. To maximize our investment in the large amounts of raw land we purchased as part of the deal, we subdivided the land and sold these parcels to a developer who brought needed housing and services to the community. In the end, Rabin was able turn a potential wasteland into a huge win for Johnson & Johnson, the local community, and the new landowner.