Bidding Onsite

Buying at an auction is a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to purchase equipment. The friendly, informal atmosphere at Rabin auctions makes it easy to learn about the bidding process.

When we conduct an onsite auction, all of the location information will be shown on the auction overview page. Preview information will also be listed so that you can view and inspect the equipment you wish to bid on. A full auction catalog will also be available, that you can view prior to the auction and preview.

Registration for an auction can be done at the auction site; however to save yourself time it is highly recommended that you register online at least a few days prior to the auction.

Before the sale begins, we encourage you to ask the auction staff questions about bidding at the auction. At the very beginning of the sale, the auctioneer will explain the bidding process in detail and, if necessary, the auctioneer will answer questions from the floor.