Makers of Sweet Potato Fries and Other Value Added Products

May 18, 2017   |   Whiteville NC    |  Onsite & Online Bidding

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110. Induction Sealer

Auto Mate induction sealer, model AM-20, s/n A5640

111. 5 lb Box Filler

Temco 5 lb. box filler, semi auto, with Eriez HD30 vibrating feeder and weigher

112. Dbl Bag Filler

Starflex double bag filler, model SFS-IOADH, semi auto, with (2) Weigh Tronix WI-127 digital readouts, plc controller

113. Liquid Filler

Sure Kap liquid filler, model SKF6000, s/n NY12275-F, 1 to 5 gallon range, mobile base

114. Homogenizer

Waukesha CB homogenizer, model 1000, s/n 265877-00, 4000 psi, 1.125 plunger size, 30 hp motor

115. Duplex Pump Skid

Osmonics duplex pump skid, with (2) 25 hp, 4x6 centrifugal pumps

116. Hot Water System

Hot Water System, with temp and motor controller, and additional steam regulator unit (could be utilized with steam peeler)

117. Stainless Tank

Stainless tank utilized with CIP system

118. Jacketed Kettle

Groen jacketed kettle, model N100, s/n 22928, 100 gallon, 100 psi jacket, scraper agitator (motor removed)

119. Jacketed Kettle

Lee jacketed kettle, 250 gallon, s/n 353C, 90 psi jacket, 650 F, 3" discharge

120. Stainless Tank

Cherry Burrell stainless tank, 400 gallon (approx), top agitator

121. Abrasive Peeler

Lyco abrasive peeler hydraulic, model 7000, s/n 70416908087

122. Stainless Auger

Boldt Ind stainless auger, model SC1816, 18' long, 16" dia, hydraulic, s/n 4511

123. Inspection Belt

FMC inspection belt, 9' long, 24" wide mesh belt,

124. Hydraulic Unit

recently replaced pump, air cooled

125. Steam Peeler

Odenburg steam peeler, model Thermo-Flow, includes top mounted Key model 402302-7 holding bin, inclined cleated elevating belt (stored outside in yard), pressure tank, wall mounted control panels. The associated discharge auger for this unit (Lot 126), and installed inclined feed belt (Lot 127) can both be included if requested.

126. Discharge Auger

Odenburg discharge auger, 18' long x 16" dia, hydraulic operated

127. Inclined Conveyor

Key inclined conveyor, approx 30' long x 24" wide cleated belt, stainless framework

128. Boiler

Fulton boiler, model FR-015-A, s/n 74197, 150 psi, Nat Board # 74197, (utilized with steam peeler)

129. Abrasive Peeler

Magnuson abrasive peeler, rollers removed, replacement necessary

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