About Us

Rabin Worldwide

In business for over 60 years, Rabin Worldwide is a family-held industrial auction and real estate investment company, with a focus on the acquisition and sale of industrial equipment and facilities around the world. Rabin has sold equipment assets in virtually every industrial sector and on almost every continent. We can purchase complete factories, including real estate, and conduct auctions of any size on behalf of our clients. With a unique combination of financial strength, diversified experience and unparalleled professional expertise Rabin has the experience and flexibility to take on a deal of any size and of any complexity.

Rabin Worldwide is headquartered in San Francisco with a European subsidiary office in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Rabin Management Company

In addition to our industrial auction and real estate business, Rabin has an in-house commercial real estate investment and management company. Our commercial real estate is handled through our affiliated family-held company - Rabin Management Company (RMC). RMC currently owns and manages over 1,000,000+ square feet of office, multifamily and retail commercial real estate.

RMC is headquartered in San Francisco.